Les Clefs D’Or

Rome Les Clefs d’Or belongs to the large family of the International Hotel Concierge Union – UICH
and is represented in Italy by the Italian Union of Hotel Porters – UIPA

We are pleased to welcome you to the digital area of ​​the Clefs d’Or Concierge of the Eternal City.

Here you will discover the Concierges Clefs d’Or world and  their identity.

It is an information corner designed for our ideal guests, and also the tool used by our association to talk about the “Added Value” that concierge profession  brings to the hotel industry.

Our History

Italy France and Switzerland in 1956 gave birth to the Clefs d’Or.

In Rome like in any other place in the world where a five star hotel is located, there, a Clefs d’Or concierge is already waiting to welcome you.

In the Keys, our identity

Risultati immagini per chiavi d'oro
Our simbol By BUCHERER

The keys on the lapel of the jacket are our hallmark.

They embody the essence of our profession.

They are the Keys to open doors, to make connections, but also the Keys to explore dreams, hidden desires, unexpressed needs.
They are the Keys to tune in with the hearts of our Guests.

Ask your concierge to talk about his Keys. He will tell about the passion and love for the most beautiful job in the world: Hospitality.

Test your Clefs d’Or concierge, you will be fascinated by his anecdotes and his storytelling skills

The Clefs d’Or Concierge is the hotel host and the ambassador of the city.
He takes care of his guests since their booking until after their departure.
His experience and knowledge are an added value in the hotel service.

Our Values

Read our Statute and find out how to become a Les Clefs d’Or Concierge

The identifying mark of each concierge is the Golden Keys on the lapel of the jacket.
They are nurtured with passion and dedication.

They represent the promise of excellence that every hotel makes to its guests.

We are at your service!

How can we help you?


Rome Les Clefs Dor

President: Agostino Sità
Vice-President: Maraschio Salvatore
Secretary: Ekaterina Krotova
Treasurer: Alessandro Petrelli
National Delegate: Pasquale Varvicchio
National Delegate: Daniele Fabbrizi


c/o Hotel Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese
Via Lombardia, 47 Roma



39-339 237 5432

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