What it means to be a Concierge

From the moment when the historic pin with the two crossed golden keys is placed on the lapel of our jacket, each of us is aware that the journey towards Excellence has just begun. This is a journey that makes our profession among the most beautiful and, at the same time, most challenging ones. We are well aware that our professional path cannot be addressed if it is not nourished by passion, by silent dedication, by constant attention to detail, in a meticulous and daily search for perfection and authenticity.

Unlike other professions, being a Concierge is a trait of our own identity: we never stop being one. Simply, we are constantly pushed towards others, enriched with that “magic” power that our profession gives us: that of being able to create unforgettable memories.

Only when professionalism is at the service of Hospitality, we can look with pride at the golden keys pinned on our jacket, aware that any Guest, from any corner of the world, will always be able to recognise in that symbol a safe port to rely on and to which to refer to realise their dreams. A simple and clear image that of the two keys crossed, and that nevertheless conceals a commitment: to know how to keep these promises.

Wearing the golden keys for every member Les Clefs d’Or means to share the essential values of Hospitality: a world of universally recognised values, a guarantee of excellence, of a careful and attentive welcome. For this reason, the Concierge know that meeting the requests of the Guest – whether they are complicated or simply bizarre – is part of their task, to fulfil the wishes of those who entrust them.


In Service Through Friendship

This is the motto of Les Clefs d’Or, proving that the value of teamwork is precious and irreplaceable. Together you can give the right value to Excellence, the true value of the mission of a Concierge member of Les Clefs d’Or. Collaboration and mutual support between colleagues is one of the cornerstones of our profession. Being part of a single association means being ready to extend your hand where you need it, no matter if we know each other in person or not: we are Concierge, and that’s all that matters.

Rome Les Clefs d’Or Association

Our Associations

ARCH – Rome Les Clefs d’Or Association brings together professional Concierge in the field of luxury hospitality, operating in the city of Rome.

ARCH is proudly part of the UIPALes Clefs d’Or Italy – which represents the Italian branch since its foundation in 1952.

UICHUnion Internationale Congierges d’Hotel – is the organization that brings together all the Les Clefs d’Or Concierge of the world, reaching today about 4,000 members present in over 80 countries and 530 locations.


Our History

  • 1929
  • 1952
  • ’60s – ’80s
  • 1998
  • 2001
  • 2013
  • 2016
  • 2022

The tradition of Italian luxury hospitality has deep roots: already in 1949, there was a section of Hotel Concierge led by the Milanese Giuseppe Franzetti, linked to the corresponding French reality, whose origins date back to 1929.


The dream of creating a professional network of Concierge was officially realised only three years later in Pisa, in 1952, during the first National Congress, with the foundation of the Italian Federation of Hotel Concierge “The Golden Keys”.

This is the year in which the Regional Association Rome Les Clefs d’Or was born, whose first president was Arturo Loeb.

’60s – ’80s

The period between the 60s and 80s marked a great expansion for the Roman association, which achieved great success in terms of both professionalism and prestige.

In 1969, during the FIPA National Council, the private audience in the Vatican with Pope Paul VI was held. Ten years later, the historic XXVII World Congress of UIPGH took place in Rome.

During the eighties, relations with American colleagues intensified; the association has finally proceed to the purchase of the official headquarters in via Domodossola 29.


1998 is the watershed year in the history of the Roman association: the International Union (from that year it was called UICH), began to carry out strict checks at world level on the correct application of Article 4 of the Statute, It strictly requires that each member has the requirements to be considered an official member Les Clefs d’Or.

The decision raised many discussions, both at international and local level: there were many concierges who have been working for years, who unfortunately did not meet the requirements.

This was followed by a decisive reaction by the so-called “function makers”, which lead the old Association to exit the UIPA in 2001.


Being aware that leaving the national and mostly international dimension cannot not benefit the objectives of the Association, on October 10, 2001, a group of associates, led by the vice president UIPA Massimiliano Errichiello, abandoned the scissionist association to found a new one within the UIPA, called Associazione Romana Portieri Grandi Alberghi “Le Chiavi d’Oro Les Clefs d’Or”, chaired by fellow Walter Ferrari, Chef Concierge of the Excelsior Hotel.

The numerous efforts to close the gap and reach a reconciliation with the group that left the UIPA in 2001 were not successful. Unfortunately, the objective was not achieved due to impossibility of the members to meet the requirements of the art. 4 of the statute.

From then on, the Association led by Massimiliano Errichiello, stands out for the considerable amount of social and economic activities, such as the publication of a new newspaper and Maps of Rome, and especially welcoming many new members: from the 10 founding members to the current 80 members.


In 2013, the Association took on the new name “ARCH – Associazione Romana Concierge d’Hotel- Le Chiavi d’Oro Les Clefs d’Or“.


From 2016 to 2022, under the guidance of President Agostino Sità, ARCH has progressively grown and developed the website www.romelesclefsdor.com.

A great achievement that has been able to give the Roman Association a well-defined identity to be recognised both at the institutional level and as a reference for guests of hotels visiting Rome.


From May 2022, Ekaterina Krotova, Concierge of the Westin Excelsior of Rome, took over the presidency as the first female President of the history of the Roman Association.

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