Covid-19 a catastrophe or an opportunity?

15 June 2020 0

Tour operators prepare to the new Challenge.

Emilano Mochi CEO of Eyes Of Rome private Tours talks about new strategies.

The Coronavirus emergency has put the tourism sector to the test without a shadow of a doubt, but history teaches us that behind a crisis there is a restart usually with ample momentum, so it is better to prepare in the best way and be ready.

The forced blockade of tourism represents a unique opportunity for change and modernization of the Tours and Activities sector as reported by Mochi Emiliano, Founder of Eyes of Rome Private Tours in an interview with Arival in-Destination Event, Covid-19: 5 Italy Operators Share Their Stories.

A new tourism inevitably awaits us, with new needs on the part of the traveler and new resources to be deployed by the operators.


Eyes of Rome was ready for change having already developed and launched in 2019 a modular online booking system called ERAS Premium.

The portal was built and implemented specifically for the Desk, with the aim of facilitating for the concierge the knowledge, exposure and sale of the vast portfolio of Private Tours in the major

In this regard it is good to remember some news for travelers of today and tomorrow:

Close and prolonged contact between people as suggested by the WHO should be avoided, furthermore brochures, catalogs and flyers that can be exchanged between individuals must be eliminated.

  • There will be little time at the Desk to illustrate the various offers to the guest, but it will be safer to advise him to visit an Online Catalog with products specially selected and priced according to the standards of the hotel.

o We recommend using contactless electronic payments.

  • It will be safer to be able to pre-pay for online services by avoiding the exchange of cash or credit cards at the end of the service.

o Written and accepted cancellation policies

  • The cancellation policies will be online, viewable and printable and must be accepted by the customer at the time of booking in order to avoid misunderstandings.

o Speed ​​of purchase also from Mobile

  • With Instant Booking and Real-Time Availability it will be much easier and more immediate for the guest to select and book the services, always being able to count on an email confirmation of the booking. Products and reservations will always be accessible also by mobile phone.

o Customizable Private Tours

  • The highlight of ERAS PREMIUM is precisely the possibility for the guest to be able to build a private tour, customizing it entirely according to their needs and interests. Although the tours in the catalog started from package tours, it is however possible to add components that make the service totally tailor-made. Eras Premium is at the forefront of the Online in this feature as far as Private Tours are concerned.

o Security Protocols

  • To be able to view Online the various security protocols applied in the various Guided Visit services.

o Discounts and Promotions

  • Online allows easy management of discounts and offers. This can represent an important card to play for operators in the sector in a tourism rich in uncertainties such as the fut


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